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Americans are More Addicted to LinkedIn than Twitter.

Are you as shocked by the title as I was? Yes, it is true.

A recent study by a digital measuring company, ComScore recently unveiled the top ten Countries that use LinkedIn and Twitter the most with the U.S coming in as the third Country most addicted to LinkedIn, which is not unexpected since it is a social networking site for businesses.

What was unforeseen was the lack of presence on the Internet penetration by reach for the U.S and the real-time  social networking site, Twitter, although it does have a strong American Twitter population, the U.S. did not make the list for Twitter…at all.


Here are Top 10 Countries in Internet Penetration for LinkedIn.com and Twitter.com by Reach (%)

LinkedIn Reach (%) Twitter Reach (%)
1. Netherlands 26.1% 1. Netherlands 26.8%
2. Ireland 21.0% 2. Japan 26.6%
3. United States 17.6% 3. Brazil 23.7%
4. Canada 15.6% 4. Indonesia 22.0%
5. United Kingdom 14.9% 5. Venezuela 21.0%
6. Denmark 14.4% 6. Canada 18.0%
7. Australia 13.1% 7. Argentina 18.0%
8. New Zealand 12.9% 8. Turkey 16.6%
9. Belgium 12.6% 9. Philippines 16.1%
10. Singapore 12.0% 10. Singapore 16.0%


Where Did Your County Place in the List for LinkedIn, Twitter or Both?

I lived and worked in Europe for over 12 years and know that LiknedIn is popular in English speaking countries. Non English speaking countries use services that cater to their language. For instance Germany uses a LinkedIn like service called Xing. A major problem for LinkedIn is the fact that the interface is in English. If they can get that fixed it would overtake other services.

Twitter is becoming more popular in Europe. It helps that it has a multilingual interface. However, it is still viewed by many as kitsch.


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