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Stephen King gets Klout!

Klout perks keep getting better and better. The latest offer is Stephen King’s new book Mile 81.

Klout is really trying to find a perk that appeals to each and every user. Below is the press release from Klout.

We’re excited to share that Stephen King’s new eBook, Mile 81, will be available first to Klout influencers through Klout Perks! Not only will it feature King’s new short story, Mile 81, but also a sneak peak of his latest novel11/22/63. This is an exciting development in publishing and we expect many authors to choose to give sneak peaks of their newest works through Klout Perks. Stay tuned and read more below!

Official press release:
New York, August 25, 2011—On September 1, 2011 Scribner will publish an eBook-only edition of Stephen King’s new short story Mile 81 (Scribner, $2.99/eBook; 80 pages). Available at all eBook retailers, Mile 81 is the chilling story of an insatiable car and a heroic kid whose worlds collide at an abandoned rest stop on the Maine Turnpike. Mile 81 also features a free excerpt from Stephen King’s next highly anticipated novel 11/22/63 (Scribner, on-sale: November 8, 2011).

In order to create a unique social media conversation about both of Stephen King’s forthcoming works, Scribner has teamed with Klout—the emerging standard for measuring online influence—who will offer a select number of Klout influencers the chance to download a free eBook of Mile 81 starting today, one week before it goes on sale nationwide. Through Klout’s Perks program, which offers exclusive products and experiences that are geared toward users’ preferences, the select influencers will be encouraged to discuss Mile 81 with their social media contacts and will also have the opportunity to share the eBook with one other person. The free eBook can be read on desktops and most eReaders.

“Social media contacts and influence are increasingly important,” said Susan Moldow, Executive Vice President and Publisher of Scribner. “Klout has been a pioneer in reaching key online influencers. We are excited to team up with them to promote the publication of this terrific new short story from Stephen King, and to preview 11/22/63 ahead of its November publication.”

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