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It’s time for 2-Factor Authentication on Twitter.


Ridiculous day on wallstreet. The Dow Jones Industrial average dropped around 125 points in minutes. Then it recovered just as quickly. It turns out there was a fake news report sent from the Associated Press @AP Twitter account.



In reality the account was hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army. See their Twitter account below @official_SEA6. 



It was the third high-profile corporate account to be hacked in recent months. In February, Burger King’s Twitter account was hacked, the company’s logo was replaced by a McDonald’s logo and rogue announcements began to appear. A day later the Twitter account for Jeep was also attacked.

I think it’s time for Twitter to do two things. 

1) Stop screwing around with new services like Twitter Music and Twitter Cards until the site is password secure. 

2) Go to two factor authentication to stop password hacks. 

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