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Facebook rolls out threaded replies and comments

After testing the threaded replies feature for months, Facebook is rolling out threaded replies and comments for pages and profiles with more than 10,000 followers. Threaded comments and replies will allow users to reply to specific comments in a thread. The most liked and replied to comments on a post will push their way to the top, while comments that are not replied to or are marked as spam will remain at the bottom. The feature has been in beta since November last year.


The new comment and reply feature should give page owners a great new way to connect with followers. This upgrade opens up more possibilities for page managers. For example, Reddit-style Q&A sessions will now be possible on Facebook pages. Page managers can simply reply to comments instead of posting a whole new one. Following the stream of a conversation should now be easier. The only thing I am wondering is why it too so long to roll out threaded replies.

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