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Shareable graphics are awesome!

Shareable graphics are awesome!

I love this shareable graphic from FedEx. Being relevant and timely is not always easy. Great job FedEx for being real-time for the sake of being real-time on Halloween!

Scrolling is king on Twitter

As soon as Twitter moved from a texting platform to a service that supported links users were posting them everywhere. We had links about bad date excuses, books never written, fairy tales fixed, food for thought, oxymorons, palindromes, pickup lines, and trivia… At the time it was interesting and kinda fresh. But over time users got tired of clicking links that were basically web pointers to other content.

Today twitter changed all that and announced that images and videos — just Vine videos, for now — will display directly in users’ timelines. This is what it looks like:

Now Favorite, Reply, and Retweet buttons are displayed between your tweets. You don’t  have to open a tweet, or swipe, to interact with it — you just tap or click the option you want. This update will be very popular with people who use Vine. Vine is Twitter’s video service and it works a lot like Instagram and uses scrolling over tapping. Vine also plays videos automatically when you stop on them. I can’t wait to see how long it takes for all videos to play automatically on Twitter.

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