Scheduled tweets during live events… still a bad idea

Social media runs in real-time. Real-fast real-time. If you want to Tweet at an event, you better be ready to be there the whole time. Numerous brands and people have looked foolish in the past when they’ve scheduled auto-tweets that get sent at bad times during events like disasters and elections.

Have you ever been sifting through your Twitter feed and come across a tweet that stood out like a sore thumb? Haven’t we all… For most of us, coming across an obviously scheduled tweet is irksome and distasteful. Why? Because it defeats the entire purpose of Twitter. Especially at live events.

Recently my company was attending a Gartner Symposium in Orlando and the fire alarm went off during the show. Thousands of people had to evecuate and go outside until the all clear was given. Below are tweets during the evacuation. Some tweets are scheduled and some are live. It’s easy to tell the difference.



These tweets are embarrassing but the now famous Worst Scheduled Tweet Ever takes the cake. 


Minutes later this scheduled tweet was posted:


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