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Vine For Brands

ImageSocial Media managers are always looking to create new things with new tools. So, when Vine was unveiled brands started to look for ways to be creative. The amazing thing is how brands have not only taken to Vine, but how they’ve shown entirely new sides to themselves.

This article by Hootsuite shows how Oreo, Lowe’s and General Electric are using Vine to bring their brands to a new level.

Oreo teaches viewers a quick little trick on how to make cookie sprinkle, Lowe’s offers a quick way to get ride of squirrels, and General Electric tries to get you excited about science.

Don’t forget they do all of this incredibly well in only six seconds.

What can digital marketers learn from these three brands?

Maybe it’s not to push your products and/or services but to show how fun and versatile they are. Delivering instruction in a cool way seems to be paying dividends.We are just starting to dig into Vine, but it seems, at the very least, it is a new opportunity for brands to get creative and connect with their fans.

New Innovative Step For Twitter Ads

Another innovative step for Twitter in its bid to step up the pace with advertising on its platform: today the company announced that it would soon start “experimenting” with ways of making ads more “useful” by matching ads more closely to users on Twitter using retargeting technology. Retargeting will rely on a browser cookie ID that gets matched to Twitter accounts and/or on contacts from, say, a businesses’ mailing list getting matched up with Twitter account names.

LinkedIn the “in between” app

Mobile is all about those “in between” moments throughout your day. Whether you are waiting for a meeting to start, catching a ride or waiting in line, the LinkedIn mobile app will help you get the most professional value out of those mundane moments. A few months ago, LinkedIn completely redesigned it’s mobile phone app and they just added the top requested features — the ability to search for jobs, companies, groups, and people on-the-go. In addition they added a few tips to help you be more productive from wherever you may be working.

And if you haven’t already, download the new mobile phone app for iPhone or Android do it and enjoy the new mobile experience!


New Yorker Cover Causes Social Explosion


Earlier this week there was a cultural gabfest on Twitter about the controversial cover of The New Yorker that showed Sesame Street’s Ernie and Bert intimately watching the Supreme Court’s overturning of DOMA.

For those who aren’t aware, DOMA is the Defense of Marriage Act, which was enacted in 1996. It allowed states to ban same-sex marriages.

Twitter was in an uproar over the cover, and it appeared the sentiment was split yet very emphatic. Some netizens — on both sides of the same-sex marriage debate — have slammed the magazine for sexualizing the children’s show and its characters, while others have called the cover art “demeaning” and “crass.”

I am not sure if the social media team @NewYorker were prepared for or even knew that the cover was going to stir the pot. Getting a heads-up from the editorial team would of been great. The New Yorker didn’t do much in response to the uproar, but in this rare instance they didn’t really have to. At the end of the day, The New Yorker is proving that bold strokes sometimes pay off.

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