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It’s time for 2-Factor Authentication on Twitter.


Ridiculous day on wallstreet. The Dow Jones Industrial average dropped around 125 points in minutes. Then it recovered just as quickly. It turns out there was a fake news report sent from the Associated Press @AP Twitter account.



In reality the account was hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army. See their Twitter account below @official_SEA6. 



It was the third high-profile corporate account to be hacked in recent months. In February, Burger King’s Twitter account was hacked, the company’s logo was replaced by a McDonald’s logo and rogue announcements began to appear. A day later the Twitter account for Jeep was also attacked.

I think it’s time for Twitter to do two things. 

1) Stop screwing around with new services like Twitter Music and Twitter Cards until the site is password secure. 

2) Go to two factor authentication to stop password hacks. 

New LinkedIn Mobile App for the Everyday Professional

LinkedIn wants to give its mobile app a spark, and the social network is doing so by simplifying and customizing it to individually fit each of its users.

The business-focused social network rolled out the major app update late Wednesday night. The updated app features an overhauled design and minimized build that’s intended to let users access as many features as possible with as few finger taps as necessary.

“We designed with one key core principle in mind: having all the stuff you care about one tap away from you,” said Tomer Cohen, a LinkedIn senior product manager and mobile phone lead.

This is LinkedIn’s first major mobile app redesign in more than a year and a half, so the company said it wanted to give users the best experience.

Twitter To Promote Music

This was interesting:




LinkedIn Adding Threaded Mentions

To make it easier for users to connect LinkedIn has added a way to start conversations, share knowledge with others and ultimately become even better at what you do.

How does it work?

– Begin by typing the name of a connection or a company in your status update box or a comment field on the Homepage.
– Select someone from the list of your connections that appear in the drop-down, complete your status or comment and post it.
– The person or company you mentioned will receive a notification alerting them that they have been mentioned.

In addition to first-degree connections, you can also mention other LinkedIn members engaged in conversations in the comment sections of posts on the LinkedIn Homepage. Mentions will make it easier for you to start conversations with your network while also enabling you to respond in real-time when someone begins a conversation with you. My question is what happens to InMails? Should users even pay for the service?

Facebook Home: A Social Network’s Bid For Mobile

Home, available on a new HTC phone and for download to a half-dozen other HTC and Samsung phones starting April 12, is a suite of Facebook apps that will load as soon as the phone is turned on. It provides a new Facebook-focused home screen that puts instant messages, news feed updates, and photos front and center on the smartphone home screen.

YouTube shutting down or April Fool’s?

YouTube has posted a hilarious 2013 April Fools’ Day video about picking the best video on the site since the first upload back in 2005. Featured in the fake contest are hits such as Charlie Bit My Finger, Kids React to Grumpy Cat, David After Dentist, and more! The video winner, according to the video, will not be announced until 2023 when the site goes back live. Just love the way they made the video seem so real.

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