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Hotel Offering “Social Media Butler”

In a week when everyone is talking about what’s wrong or right with Facebook’s Graph Search new social media ground is being broken in Washington D.C.

The presidential inauguration is only a week away and Washington D.C.  is buzzing with all kinds of activity.  Many are dreaming about epicurean comforts and style points. But this offer from The Madison Hotel could go too far…

Screen Shot 2013-01-16 at 9.36.41 PM

The Madison Hotel inauguration package includes:

“Four days of blue-blooded catering does not come cheap. How not cheap? $47,000 or nearly $12,000 per day! But hold on: For $500 an hour, you will certainly live like a king because it includes a $5,000 shopping experience with Brooks Brothers so the perfect ensemble is ready to go. No worries about posting jealousy-enducing pics on Instagram because (of course) you’ll have a Social Media Butler to handle all the tweeting, texting, and uploading. And to avoid the chaos of the city, there’s also a night at Lansdowne Resort in Leesburg. Plus, 22 of your friends can roll as a baller with a private VIP tour.”

If your like me your first question would be …What the heck is a social media butler?

According to an NPR report a social media butler is a young exec who graduated from George Washington university in 2010 after studying political communications and then started up a tiny D.C. firm called Anchor Media. Her name is Victoria Devine. She is at your  beck and call for Facebook status updates, sending your tweets or Instagramming pictures of you and your peeps.

This sounds like the perfect story for Life Styles of the Rich and Famous. Maybe Robin Leach could change his catch phrase to “champagne wishes, caviar dreams, and social media butlers for all.”

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