The President Leading the State of Social!

Gone are the days when the president hosted Fireside Chats over the radio (cough, Franklin D. Roosevelt). Welcome today’s digital age, introducing…SOCIAL MEDIA, a fast and direct way of communicating and engaging with individuals worldwide!

Politics and social media are merging, becoming more intertwined than ever before.  Let’s take a look at the social media efforts from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue…

Obama and the White House staff are the first Administration actively using various social media tools including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and the list goes on…



If you think about it, what better way to capture a democratic society than having the President and the White House staff engaged in social media, working towards transparency, engagement and participation?!

In an interview with Macon Phillips, the White House’s director of new media, Phillips explained that, “Social media presents an enormous landscape of opportunity for communication…It is a means of expanding the channels in which members of the White House communicate.” He emphasized that technology can and should be used to make the world a smaller place, to demonstrate how interconnected we really are.

Crowdbooster is including social media tips from the White House that can help YOU achieve social media success!

1. Experiment, try something new. Social media gives you the opportunity to test things out and see how your audience reacts.

For example, President Obama hosted a Google+ hangout to interact with citizens nationwide,answering questions about the State of the Union address. This was the first ever all-virtual interview from the White House! → (see picture below)


2. Ask questions to gain a better of understanding of what your community is interested in reading and discussing. Feedback helps. A lot.

For more on this, visit:

3. Have fun! Many argue that Obama was successful at getting votes during his 2008 campaign by using social media to get people excited about, involved in, and talking about…POLITICS!

Arianna Huffington, editor-in-chief of the Huffington Post, went as far as to say that, “Were it not for the Internet, Barack Obama would not be president.” 


Do you use social media as a way of engaging with politics? If yes, how? Do you follow President Obama and the White House on Twitter?

If not, start now!

President Barack Obama:
White House:
Macon Phillips:

Feel like reading more on this topic? Check out…

Pew Research Center’s study entitled, “The Internet’s Role in Campaign 2008: A majority of American adults went online in 2008 to keep informed about political developments and to get involved with the election.”


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