Daily Archives: June 21, 2012

Spike in productivity accredited to Twitter outage


You’ve probably already noticed, but Twitter went down for a while today. In theory, this means that productivity should have skyrocketed around the world — as soon as we all stopped frantically trying to refresh our Twitter feeds.

We don’t know much about the outage, but Twitter did add a messageto its official status page, pointing out that “users may be experiencing issues accessing” the social networking service when things came crashing down. Some users were seemingly able to access Twitter through mobile.twitter.com throughout the outage, though.

Twitter engineers got to work quickly and at this point the site appears to be sluggishly coming back to life.

In the aftermath of this social media tragedy, I offer my sympathies to anyone who has suffered Twitter withdrawal symptoms like I have and invite him or her to seek comfort on my or on msnbc.com tech’s Facebook pages.

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