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Social Stories Your Mom Will Appreciate

What was hot on the web this week? Get up to speed on the latest trends, news and services with these new stories.

Your Mom Is So Social, She’s On Facebook And Pinterest Right Now

According to a Nielsen study, Facebook ranks as the number one social network for U.S. moms, with three out of four moms (or 27.9 million) visiting the site in March 2012.

Fifty percent of moms are using social networks through their mobile phones, compared to only 37 percent of women in general.

In March, 4.9 million moms visited Pinterest. Mothers are also 64 percent more likely to visit Pinterest than the average American.

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Facebook Announces Its Own App Store

In a move that should surprise no one but make many developers happy, Facebook announced a marketplace for finding apps called the App Center.

The new App Center will organize apps by user ratings, an important change from the current “like” system, which can favor apps with huge marketing budgets. App makers will also get a dashboard for tracking how people are rating their apps.

Until now, Facebook apps have been free—but paid apps are also on the way. The new App Center will feature all apps that meet its guidelines, and developers can sign up for the beta test program from the announcement page.

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