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Foursquare: Keep up with friends

If you’re a regular user of services like Twitter orFoursquare, you’ve undoubtedly been met with skeptics and naysayers who wonder aloud, “Why would I want to tell anyone what I’m having for lunch?” or “Why would I care if someone is having a ham sandwich?”
Fair enough, but the inquisitors fail to take into account the all-important factor in any conversation, whether it’s in person or online: context.Context is what allows us to make sense of much of the world around us. “He’s so bad!” could have two very different meanings, depending on the the rest of the conversation surrounding it. With that in mind, a ham sandwich may be more than just a ham sandwich.What if it’s the best ham sandwich you’ve ever had? Or if it’s at a restaurant that’s offering a discount of 50% off all sandwich orders?

This new video helps to put Foursquare’s services into perspective for people who wonder “What’s the value of  ‘checking in’?” As if 15 million of them didn’t already know…

As you can see, specials, discounts and a potential connection with those around us all converge within Foursquare to give a much more contextual purpose – one that over time, will be customized to your tastes and interests.Now that’s something worth sharing.

Easter Week’s Most Colorful Social Stories

What was hot on the web this week? Get up to speed on the latest trends, news and services with some of our favorite new stories.

Google’s ‘Project Glass’ Augmented Reality Glasses Are Real And In Testing

After weeks of rumors, Google has officially revealed what they have come to call Project Glass — a pair of augmented reality glasses provide users real-time information right in front of their eyes.

They don’t really look like glasses, though. The demo images on Project Glass’ Google+ pagedepict a thin metal band that runs across the brow line with a small heads-up display mounted on the right side.

Watch a brief demo to explore the functionality of the Project Glass specs, which includes (but not limited to): real time information like weather and transit, the ability to send messages using your voice, instructing the glasses to take a picture, and displaying the location of nearby friends.

Read more here.

Prismatic Hopes To Create A New Category Of Social News

Prismatic, a new social news discovery site, hopes to help users discover news they want to read by allowing them to delve into topics through algorithms that read the content being shared on social media.

Prismatic Chief Executive Bradford Cross said Prismatic works by monitoring all the links that are shared on Twitter, then sifting through your own personal Twitter feed and the people you follow to determine the best content to show you.

For example, say you move from New York to San Francisco and want to start reading up on San Francisco news. If most of the people you follow on Twitter are New Yorkers, you can do a Prismatic search for San Francisco, and it’ll surface the most interesting and relevant news in the area. It will also narrow the results down by people you do happen to follow in the San Francisco area.

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Pinterest Introduces Customizable Board Covers

Pinterest (which is now the third most popular social network, behind Facebook and Twitter)introduced a new feature that allows you to be more self-expressive. Now you can choose which pin you want to be the cover of each of your boards.

The new feature, which is live now, is incredibly simple yet came highly requested by users. When users mouse over their boards, they’ll see an “Edit board cover” button, which will allow them to choose a pin to highlight as their board cover.

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Twitter Attacks The Source, Sues ‘Most Aggressive’ Spammers And Spam Tool Builders In Federal Court

Sick of Twitter spammers? So is Twitter. The company announced Thursday that it has brought suit in a San Francisco federal court against five of the ‘most aggressive’ spammers and tool builders who facilitate distributing spam on its platform.

But Twitter isn’t stopping there. The company is also launching a new anti-spam measure against @mention spam. It also uses its t.co URL shortener to analyze link traffic to see which links are leading to malicious content.

The five ‘major’ offenders are TweetAttacks, TweetAdder, TweetBuddy, James Lucero and Garland Harris.

Read more here.

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