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50 Reasons to Unfollow Someone On Twitter

unfollow someone on twitter

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We all love those who love us, especially our devoted Twitter followers, but any social media enthusiast has unfollowed a few people in there time. It can be for any number of reasons, but we wanted to provide you with a list of 100 reasons to unfollow someone on Twitter.

For some, Twitter is a hobby and a fun social networking experiment. For others, it is their livelihood. Regardless of which category you fall under, here are 50 things to avoid that someone may unfollow you:


  1. Foul language
  2. They spam you constantly.
  3. They are really a bot.
  4. You don’t know who they are and added them like a year ago.
  5. They lied about who they are.
  6. They post pictures every hour of their cat.
  7. They steal your content.
  8. They are active but have no avatar.
  9. Too much marketing, lacking the relational aspect.
  10. “Being an idiot” – James Cooper
  11. Inactive
  12. Too talkative
  13. Give terrible advice.
  14. Cyberbully
  15. “Interaction is a one way street.” – Jay Caruso
  16. They take, take, take, but offer nothing in return
  17. Use too many hashtags
  18. No differentiation from Facebook or Google+
  19. Send you the “Did you see what this person is saying about you?” DM
  20. Use autoresponders
  21. Narcassistic
  22. “Following thousands, followed by a few.” – Eric Dye
  23. Tweets have little value to them.
  24. Tweet too often about their lunch.
  25. This account is a clone for another account.
  26. Simply talk about things you do not care about.
  27. They only retweet others.
  28. They follow you only so you will follow them.
  29. They unfollow you and they are not a priority.
  30. They ask you to retweet something too frequently.
  31. They are sexist or racist.
  32. On #FollowFriday, you mention 50 people in multiple texts.
  33. You quote someone who had retweeted you to show people you were retweeted.
  34. You are always negative.
  35. Drunk tweets?
  36. Your tweets do not make sense. (Butt tweets?)
  37. Only tweet links.
  38. Seem cold-hearted (not personal enough)
  39. You are boring.
  40. They offer unsolicated advise more than a couple of times.
  41. They do not respond to any @replies or DMs.
  42. Your avatar is offensive.
  43. People who overuse foursquare
  44. They constantly have to use multiple tweets because they cannot keep within the 140 character limit.
  45. Talk about the same thing ad nauseum
  46. Misspelled to much words and, there grammar is badly. (Did that sentence make anyone die a little inside?)
  47. Send out the same tweet, just with different hashtags.
  48. Post photos of iPhone screenshots of the weather in their area.
  49. Over solicit.
  50. Support causes or organizations you do not believe in.

What reason would you add to this list?

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