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A day in a life of a social media expert

According to a research done by AAL, there are a billion social media experts on the internet. Do you know what do they do on a daily basis? After “interviewing” more than 20 (actually none) experts, this is what I found out.

9:00am: Wakes up, check email, checks twitter, facebook and Google Plus

9:15am: Grabs coffee and check if people responded to their auto RSS tweets, facebook messages and G+ post.

10:00am: Reads Mashable and RSS reader.

11:00am: Watch videos of babies laughing on youtube.

12:00pm: Copy and paste email templates and send them to potential clients

1:00pm: Grabs lunch

2:00pm: Post tweets, facebook updates, google plus updates and Pinterest photos.

3:00pm: Work on info products about “how to make money with social media” and sell them to earn a quick buck.

5:00pm: Read more news from Mashable

5:30pm Watch videos of cats on youtube.

6:00pm: Buys the latest method on how to make money off the internet.

7:00pm: Grabs dinner

8:00pm: Continue working on info product/ blog post and finds out how others are doing it to sell to others

9:00pm-12am: Watch tv and head to bed.

This is what they do on a daily basis, except on weekends where they spend most of their time on youtube watching cat videos.

Disclaimer: I’m not a social media expert and this post is meant to be a joke.

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