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Moving From Content Marketing to Social Commerce

Great content can drive customer engagement, but it also can drive transactions. Is your content optimized for both?


The formula for successful social media marketing starts with the right mix of content, then establishing connections (with your audience), and getting this audience to tell your story via word of mouth. But this is just a starting point. How do we move beyond individual campaigns to use our full range of content assets to foster and build sustainable communities? And how do we tap these communities to sell more stuff and drive multichannel social commerce?

To answer the first question, we need to consider how social networks and communities often developed. In the case of Facebook, many initial members joined because they wanted to reconnect with old classmates or share everyday experiences. But over time the most popular activity has become uploading (more than 250 million per day), sharing, and commenting on photos, which in turn attracts new members with their own updates and photos, and so on. So growth was a function of both personal connections andsharable content.

Beyond photos, sharable content can take many other forms, like news articles, videos, and consumer reviews, or even apps or tools. I recently started using Spiceworks, a business-oriented social network for IT professionals with more than 1.5 million members worldwide. Spiceworks launched with free network management and IT productivity tools for SMB IT pros, expanded to include user forums, and now offers social commerce, as well. Just like Facebook, people initially came for the content, but they stayed for the community.

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