Social Media Bathroom Mirrors

There’s no question that people are inspired to update their social media sites while they are in the bathroom. I can relate to that. When I’m in the bathroom brushing my teeth or even taking a bath, my iPhone is always right there on the shelf within reach. I’ve even ruined a phone by dropping it into the bathtub while I was trying to compose a tweet.

I even remember reading an article on CNET this past summer that said 19% of people drop their phones in the toilet. I’ve never done that, but if I did, I think I might call a plumber to get it out because there’s no way I’m putting my hand in there (unless I put on hazardous waste gloves). The last time we wrote an article about a twitter bathroom device, it was Richard’s article about the Toilet Paper Twitter Printer.

Today it’s not just about Twitter though, it’s about much more than that. It’s about being able to do all kinds of cool augmented reality stuff and update all your social networking sites from your own bathroom mirror. There are pictures of two social media bathroom mirrors below. The first one is a picture I found on All That Inspires Me. I looove that mirror so much, and since they didn’t provide a link for a source site, I went on a hunt to find it. Unfortunately, I wasn’t successful in my search so I don’t know who designed it, or if it even exists. It’s a stunning design though.

The second picture is of a social media bathroom mirror designed by the New York Times research and development lab. It combines an LCD screen with Microsoft Kinect technology. It not only allows you to update your social media sites, it also provides important information about your medications and even gives QR codes for coupons that you can scan. It’s an insanely cool device, and if you want to read all the geeky details about it, you can visit the Nieman Journalism Lab website and watch the video below. Brilliant!

Twitter Facebook In The Loo

Update Twitter Facebook In Bathroom

Twitter Facebook From The Loo

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