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Does this change stop penalization of 3rd party Apps?

Wow, this is one of the most exciting updates coming from Facebook in a long time. When it became clear after a recent study that Facebook penalizes 3rd party Apps significantly, there was a lot of uproar.

A large number of publishers were facing a strong disadvantage when it came to posting updates. In a recent study it was revealed that engagement with posts from these 3rd party Apps can drop up to 80%.

However, this is about to change, mentionsFacebook’s developer consultant Matt Trainer in a recent statement:

“We will continue to add in more Page post quality signals over time to ensure that people are always receiving engaging and relevant content in their News Feed.”

Does this change stop penalization of 3rd party Apps?

The obvious question that comes from this is whether 3rd party Apps will now no longer be penalized as it is solely post quality that counts according to Facebook’s edgerank algorithm.

Trainer confirms exactly that and goes on to explain:

“…we recently made a fix that added more signals to detect good quality posting behavior. This should improve the situation with the distribution of posts coming from third-party apps in the News Feed.”

If you ask me, this is one of the best decisions Facebook could make. Particularly as Zuckerberg revealed it is now about building Facebook out as a platform with a strong 3rd party App eco-system.

With Buffer’s launch for Facebook today, this timing couldn’t be timed any better.  Personally I have started to see 3rd party Apps showing up more consistently again in my newsstream.

Do you see this happening too? Have you seen any changes in the types of posts that show up in your news stream recently?

Google launches guide to using Google+ Pages

Companies looking to socialize through a Google+ Page may want to check out an online guide that explains how to take advantage of Google’s new business feature.

Rolled out on Monday, Google+ Pages finally bring the social network to the business world, allowing companies of all sizes to post updates about themselves and their products or services. People who follow a Google+ Page can comment on or share the company’s posts, creating running conversation threads. Businesses can also set up hangouts where they can chat directly with potential customers.

To help companies get started, Google has created its online guide to show them how to create a page, promote it, and measure its effectiveness.

Google first takes you to a spot where you cancreate your page by filling in all the necessary details. Once the page is up and running, the first trick is to get some buzz going. So Google advises businesses to start sharing items of interest–updates on your products, the latest news on your company, photos, videos, and anything else that might draw some attention.

If people start commenting on your posts, the next step is to ramp up some conversations. Respond to their questions and comments, and even ask them questions. Setting up a hangout is also a way to engage people directly since it lets you chat with customers and colleagues via video. Finally, businesses will want to manage their circles of users so that they’re sending the right message to the right people.

Promotion is next on the todo list, according to Google. Companies will want to connect their own Web site with their Google+ page using a Google+ badge to tie both of them together. Using the +1 button on your Web site is also key to promoting yourself. And just getting off the ground, a feature called Google+ Direct Connect lets people find your business through a Google search by entering the + symbol in front of your page name.

Finally, companies will want to track how well their page is doing to see if any tweaks are needed. Google advises them to use Google+ search to look for keywords about their product or service. Businesses can also use Google Analytics to measure the popularity of their page. Google is promising additional features to help companies determine the effectiveness of their pages.

Yammer gets more social with new Ticker, Pages, Files features

Yammer is furthering how social its platform can be for the enterprise with three new featuresdesigned to boost collaboration on work projects.

The first and foremost is the Ticker, which is a news feed in real-time that displays what co-workers are doing on their enterprise applications. This ticker can be picked up and viewed on Yammer as well as third-party applications, making it much faster for team members to find information relevant to them.

For example, Box.net CEO Aaron Levie explained that Yammer Ticker can be integrated onto Box’s open platform, allowing customers to get data and information from any application they use for further collaboration.

“We want to provide the easiest way to share, manage and accesses business information from any location, device or service,” said Levie, “Just as with our personal lives, social activity streams in the enterprise — like Yammer — are causing today’s organizations to become more connected and collaborative than ever before.”

The second new function is Pages. Although it sounds like a new product from Google+, this type of Pages is a bit different — although it does seem reminiscent of Google Wave, but hopefully better.

Basically, users can use Yammer Pages combines real-time collaboration on document editing with Yammer’s social communication tools. Enterprise users can compile meeting notes, brainstorm ideas, draft content, etc. All of this can be social discoverable (or not, if you choose) company-wide.

Finally, there’s Files, which is a bit similar to Pages, except this is really just more of a file-sharing and viewing tool. Yammer Files enables users to quickly share new or previously uploaded files in the context of projects, keep track of file versions, and integrate files with existing content management systems.

Activity from Yammer Files can also be transferred over to update on Yammer Ticker.

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