Facebook Killed the Birthday Card

When was the last time you recieved a birthday card on your special day? Better yet, when was the last time you bought a birthday card to give? It’s been a while, hasnt’ it? The graph below from Marketer’s Studio says it all.

The fact is, nowadays wishing someone happy birthday on their Facebook Wall is far easier and more convienant than purchasing a $2 Walgreens card and straining the brain to come up with a clever, yet appropriately sweet insi

de message. However, the issue with bypassing the latter for the alternative is that the method is not at all special. (Yet, just to clarify,  a massive explotion of birthday wishes on your Facebook wall the day of your b-day never hurt the ego either.

Facebook Birthday Wishing Tips
) Neverthess, for your more special someones or for your “actual” friends on Facebook, get more personal with saying happy birthday on Facebook with some of these tips.

Avoid virtual gift giving: On a person’s birthday that you actually care about, do not virtually gift give. It’s cheesy. Go for a real gift or something less cliche instead.

Photo and video sharing: Foremost, ground rules for posting a photo or sharing a video on a person’s Wall for their birthday is that you must know that person well. Other wise, the gesture can be viewed as creepy. However, if you do know the person on a legitmate basis, a personal photo with a birthday greeting or birthday video of you singing “Happy Birthday” are all thoughtful ways to set your birthday wish apart from the 100+ other friends wishing that person a happy birhday too.

Make a Fan Page: A Fan Page dedicated to a person’s date of birth is beyond sweet and especially is flattering for the person. Even if you’re the sole Like, the all more intimate. Boys, give this one a go for your ladies on her special day. The whole one rose thing was so three years ago.

Create an Event: Even if  a birthday party is not involved, creating an event just for a friend’s birthday is a great way to remind folks of a perons’s birhday and to create a singular forum for others to post their wishes, photos and videos, too.

Buy a Facebook ad: Facebook ads are pretty cheap, so why not create an birthday ad for your special someone to run during their birthday month? The only trick is, you’ve got to define your target pretty narrowly to who you want to see the ad. Or for the more light hearted souls, birthday greetings from Facebook strangers is all the better.

Send a message: Yeah, go ahead and post on the person’s Wall, but think about sending a message too. The most simple, yet genuinely special birthday gesture that can be done on Facebook is through sending a direct message. It’s leaps and bounds more thoughtful than a Wall post as long as the message reads more than just “Happy Birthday.”


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