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Kicking Off Conversations On Twitter

This was very eye-opening. In yesterday’s post I reviewed a few great Twitter bios. The best part about the post was the discussion below and someone asked very bluntly: “These are some great people, but how do I start talking to them?”

It struck me, because it is often easy to forget that starting out on Twitter might not be easy at all. So after you have started following a few people, how can you best start chatting? Here are a few very simple ways that allow you to kick off a conversation:

Post a few friendly retweets

If you aim to get in touch with someone, I found that simply retweeting that person a few times builds a great basis for discussion. Add a short comment too, in order to show your engagement with the content.

What works very well too is to put the RT at the back of the tweet so the content is first seen by your followers. I believe posting retweets is a fabulous first step to launch a first connection with someone.

Use a person’s Twitter bio as a starting point

Another way that has helped me many times in order to start talking to people is to relate to something interesting you read in a person’s bio. If you are building a following based on your interests, this will be very helpful. Simply tweet a comment on something that you found interesting and usually a great discussion is under way:

Relate to an article or piece of content

We all care and seek appreciation for our work. Which better opportunity is there for you to use a piece of content that you liked as a starting point for a conversation?

Leave a comment on the post or tweet it with a nice reference to the author. In many cases, I found that this can kick off a great conversation. If you show that you are truly engaged with that content it raises interest from the person mentioned and you can continue your conversations from there.

Answer a question

If you are attentive of the people you are following, you will see that many ask questions, hoping that some of their followers might respond. If this is someone you always wanted to chat with, then it is a no-brainer to take this up as a chance.

Before you know it you will end up in a nice conversation. Here is an example where my answer was even taken up further and got me featured on TechCrunch.

Don’t force it

Like in real life, the best conversations are those which come naturally. I found that trying to force a talk onto someone can turn out to be troublesome. Try combining a few of the techniques above and let them come casually as you experience Twitter.

So simply following someone and enjoying the content being tweeted is how I made Twitter work for me. A simple Tweet of appreciation, if the tweets from someone continually add value is also something you might want to try.

I am very thankful for GirlyGrizzly, bringing this topic up. After all it is the conversations that make Twitter such a wonderful place to be. Helping out by getting started with more conversations is something I believe is very important.

I have one question for you though. I considered to list replying to auto-DM’s in order to get conversations started, but I am not quite sure. Do you believe this is something we should do?

Via: @joelgascoigne and @LeoWid


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