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Social Media Optimization for Facebook & Twitter

A few months ago I wrote a blog post called Little tweets have BIG effect. The blog post discussed the effect of Social Media on SEO. I thought the topic was very relevant. From the outpouring of comments  I could tell that the topic was relevant for readers as well. This week I am going look at the subject of Social Media optimization in more detail.

Optimizing your social presence for search is important, right? That is certainly what we’ve all been told for some time, but determining why it’s important and deciding where to focus can be challenging. Exponential growth of a medium is great and all, but your problems figuring out how to tame the wild beast tend to grow exponentially as well.

Let’s discuss a couple of simple ideas regarding social media (i.e., social networking sites and blogs) and its relation to search:

  1. How to help your social pages rank better
  2. How to help your website rank better with social influences

A Little Perspective About the Market as a Whole
The growth in activity of  media sites is undeniable. The number has increased more than 80 percent since 2007 to 213 million in May 2011, while total visits to the category grew 136 percent to 6.2 billion.

Since a search click to a website represents one type of site visit, this is where we can begin to connect the dots on influence between navigation events. The number of search clicks to the category reached 845 million in May, accounting for 13.5 percent of the total visits to the category. That number has grown 145 percent since 2007, outpacing gains in both unique visitors and total category visits.

Search Terms for Conversational Media

Branded social media searches (e.g., Facebook, Twitter) and people searches (e.g., friends, celebrities, brands) appear to be the two primary growth drivers of search clicks.

Although these types of terms still make up the vast majority of the terms driving traffic to social media sites, the fastest growing search traffic segment is actually big name brands. Well-known consumer brands have finally begun to embrace their conversational social media assets and are driving a considerable amount of traffic directly to Facebook and Twitter in addition to their own websites.

When combining the top 20 brand names in retail, finance, and travel, their branded searches delivered over 1.6 million clicks directly to Facebook, a 1,300 percent increase since mid-2009.

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