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Tips for Live Tweeting an Event

About two weeks ago I had a pleasure to be invited to a local event put on by a clients. My job for the day was to cover the event live via Twitter- which proved to be very invigorating but also not as easy as I anticipated!

Here are some tips I’ve put together based on my experience.

– Basics. Make sure your space has internet access! Ensure all of your “tools” are FULLY charged and that you have appropriate charging apparatuses handy. Finally set up a base camp where your computer, camera etc can always be found.

– Use a hashtag. (I know this is obvious) Hashtags make it easer to follow the related tweets and allow you, the twitter ninja, to respond and re-tweet other attendees or people following from home.

– Spread the word. Successful live tweeting is a community effort, make sure to promote the hashtag before the event. Also, try connecting to others tweeting on site face to face, get them to help support your efforts.

– Create RT Candy. This is pretty simple, but create Twitter content that other’s cant wait to share.  Funny or amazing quotes make good RT candy- copywriting is a big part of your job.

– Plan. Make sure to have a outline of how the day will go. It’s very easy to be distracted by what’s going on around you and get soaked into the event and theres’ NO time to waste.

– Get into the action.
 You’re a reporter, get as close as you can to the speaker and the event. You want to have clear photos, and access to the best content! Also try to shift focus to not only what is being said at the event, try blogging and tweeting about the mood, and the overall feeling.

– Craft your tool set. Having the hardware is half the battle, make sure you are using some kind of third party client that will help you sift through all the information being thrown at you. I used Tweetdeck, and it worked great to follow the event’s hashtag, the names of the people in attendance and sponsors of the event.

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