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Get analytics while there HOT with Woopra.


Get your analyticsget em while they’re hot!

Analytics, get em while there fresh!

I love my peanuts toasty, crunchy, delicious and all natural.

I love my analytics easy, engaging, detailed, and live.

With Woopra you can satisfying your hunger with every eyeful. Roasted to perfection –  without salt, without preservatives, without additives. Woopra is the best way to enjoy analytics!

I have always loved software platforms that provide real time analytical information. I used to make financial trading software presentations and always loved showing off the real time trading features. Traders loved having the live data and being connected to markets around the world. Now I love Woopra for the same reasons.

The live interface that Woopra provides is truly addictive. Woopra delivers a complete  analytics system in one easy to use live interface. Users can monitor multiple Websites simultaneously in a tabbed window and switch quickly between sites.

Woopra also lets you watch visitors LIVE as they navigate your site, interact with them via Chat, set up real time notifications, track campaigns, set up funnels, and much, much more!

Now Woopra has added an amazing major new feature – Labels. With Labels, users can segment site visitors in real-time. Here is how it works:


Are you familiar with the Labels in Gmail? The concept of Labels in Woopra is very similar except that a Woopra Label is dynamic – which means a Label is never stuck on a visitor, it’s updated dynamically as the visitor navigates through your website. With Labels, you can:

  • Define a name and color for a dynamic segment of visitors using a wide range of filters (Example: Premium Users in Green)
  • Visitors will be labeled with colored markers in the live View and Map.
  • Labels are saved on the cloud and dynamically processed even when you’re not connected to the Woopra client – which creates possibilities (in the near future) like offline notifications.
  • Labels are saved as Filters presets that can be used in Search, Analytics and Funnels.
  • Agents can create their own Labels that are not shared with others.
  • Labels can be deactivated to be used only as filter presets

Netflix & Facebook: A Match made in heaven?

By connecting your accounts, your Facebook friends “will be able to see that you’re a Netflix member as well as what you’ve watched, rated, what’s in your queue and other information about your use of the Netflix service,” the terms state. You’ll be able to see the same information about your friends who participate.

Netflix also said it “may personalize and otherwise enhance your experience based on your Facebook information, such as your Likes and Interests,” the terms state.

Netflix also hints at “various social features (it) will be creating,” but doesn’t elaborate.

Once subscribers agree to the new terms of use, they are prompted to connect with Facebook.

The linkup is voluntary and members can quit at any time. Users also will be able to limit the information they want to share, should they choose to participate.

How would you like Netflix to integrate with Facebook?


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