Social Media Games: Diamonds or Cubic zirconia?

I have developed and implemented several marketing campaigns that have revolved around social media games. I’m not talking about a Farmville or Mafia War type game. I’m referring to a social media game that generated potential customer leads and got customers more  involved in financial trading.

The client was a financial services company with $200 million in revenue and offices around the world.  This client was going to release a new trading software platform and wanted to introduce customers in a dynamic way.  I had the idea that developing a social game could drive traffic, make the client’s web site stickier, and give customers a reason to return again and again.

My client loved the idea and we set our plan into motion.

We went with the full court press. The total campaign included: direct marketing, seminars, TV spots, banner ads, blogging, and social media…  I admit that it was a long nerve-racking experience. I will also say that it was an extremely successful campaign. With the winner receiving an Audi S5 and the top 20 finishers receiving a share of 200,000 Euro the social media buzz was intense.

The winners got cool cars, vacations, and money.

For me managing the social media experience was worth it’s weight in diamonds.

The social media game revolved around a stock market game that used the client’s new trading software and the stock market.  To see the site Click.

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