Facebook & Twitter Increase Webinar Participation

I was recently talking to a client about the conversion rates at his seminars & webinars. The conversion numbers were running about 55%. That told me that the product and presentations were good quality. The main problem

was that only about 30% of the participants registered for the webinars and seminars bothered to participate. That did not sound good at all. I finished talking to the client and told him that I would get back to him.

A few days later I had an idea that would help. I asked the customer to add a few things to the seminar and webinar registration process. A social media “share me” tab directly under the seminar & webinar registration form. The client was going to offer a free eBook as a refer a friend hook to increase sharing.  Then I asked the client to remind participants on Twitter and Facebook of the webinar half an hour before it started. Five minutes before the webinar the client sent a tweet and Facebook message with the webinar hyperlink to participants. Participants of the seminars got tweets and Facebook messages the day before the seminar reconfirming the location and their participation.

The client went with my plan and it brought some real heat.

  • The social media share button increased seminar and webinar registrations by 28%.
  • The Facebook and Twitter reminders increased seminar participation by 17%.
  • The Twitter and Facebook reminders increased webinar participation by 53%.

The webinar number increased so much because the webinar participants were watching on their mobile devices.

My client was extremely happy with the ROI from my plan.

Implementation costs $0.00. Return: a massive game changer.


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