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Save millions on TV spots!

So, you’re a smallish company that wants to advertise with the big boys. You want to show television spots during events like the World Cup, Oscars, or the Super Bowl.

Unfortunately, your organization does not have the $9 million+  to show the spot on TV. During huge sporting events there are large numbers of people on twitter. The Super Bowl actually broke twitter records for tweets. It is a great time to tweet your brand.

A client came to me and asked if there was a way to show multiple spots during the World Cup. Sure the client had the 6 million Euro to show commercials during the halftime of the Germany – Spain match. But the client was frugal and wanted to save the money. I did not have the answer at the time.

I promise you will not find my answer in any book about Social Media strategies. I thought about the  answer for several days and came up with a creative solution… Twitter.

Our German client already had the comerical done. We just had to project it for them. During the match we posted the tweets seen above.

The commercial was uploaded to You Tube and made available for download a few minutes before halftime. The messages were created using  #hash tags to make it searchable. From there 45,741 customer followers watched the spot during half time. Our tweet was retweeted or searched over 1,000,000 times the first day. Soon after that the spot went viral.

If anyone cares here is the spot: 

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