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Winning Twitter Tactics

I have read every book in German and English that I can find about Twitter strategies. The name of the book is always something like: “A Twitter Strategy for Your Business”.

The chapters of the book look something like this:

—>Choose an Audience

—>Understand How They Speak

—>How much is a Twitter Lead Worth?

—>Set a Goal and Track It

—>Define Your Approach

I call these books Twitter 101. They are great for beginners to Twitter. What about people like me that are advanced users. Where do we find information? Once one reaches the advanced level there is a real lack of information.

It’s like attending a how-to sales seminar or conference. In most cases the speaker is going to give the audience examples of what worked in past. The presenter is defiantly not going to discuss what strategies are effective now or what approaches could work in the future. At best the speaker is going to present some lessons learned.

Let’s buck that trend and spill some beans.

Here are several successful Twitter tactics that I have set up for customers.

The owner of a London/Sydney Indian restaurant chain hired Créatif marketing to develop an online marketing strategy for his 50 restaurants. He was having problems getting all 50 franchisees to use the same marketing platforms and techniques.  While the owner was there we started to talk about social media marketing and how it could help his business.

The easiest thing for a restaurant to do is set up a Twitter page where the owner can monitor quality. CRM for Twitter is simple to set up and relatively standard procedure. Customers can provide feedback about service or restaurant cleanliness… From there a trained CRM rep or the owner can get the pertinent information and do some PR. i.e send the customer a coupon of gift certificate.

For smaller businesses this kind of Twitter interaction can save money and help the organization build a relationship with customers. For this owner it translated into immediate savings. The owner was about to invest several thousand pounds into a CRM program that provided the same service.

The second idea I had was to set up a Twitter account and have it searching for specific #hash tags. We put a computer on the podium where the hostess was sitting in every restaurant.

Every time someone tweeted something like: “Just landed @ #LGR or #SYD airport” the Twitter account would send a message to the restaurants Twitter feed. Then the hostess could send back a message like: “Welcome to #London (location specific of course) treat yourself right with a #free drink from anyone of our restaurants. See you soon, Cheers!”.

This tactic worked well. Travelers came for a drink and stayed for dinner. I used a similar concept for a London based tour bus company. We also expanded this to Groupon UK and FourSquare.


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