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Four common SEO mistakes

I have several friends that are always asking me for help with their websites. They think I know everything about the internet because I work in social media marketing.  After they pester me to death I reluctantly help them as much as I can.

Here are four common SEO problems that I see all the time.  Almost anyone that has their own website should be able to fix these common problems and upgrade their site. Once you do your page rank will dramatically improve.

  1. Meta tags: Some people say that Meta tags are useless.   I am still using a title tag and description tag. Google looks at both of these tags. If your site does not have a title or description tag Google will pull random content from your site. You want to be able to control that yourself.
    • Meta tags are a great place to add key words. Do people read these tags? Maybe. Google definitely reads these tags so they are still important.
    • Example: if your title tag only has the name of your business (Joe’s Flow) people will not find your business. People would have to search for those exact words. The tag should be: Joe’s Flow plumbing services in Los Angles.
    • <meta name=”description” content=”A description of the page” />
    • <title>The Title of the Page</title>
  • Alt tags for images: This is the tag that you see when you hold your mouse over an image. Google does not see images. They are dead space to Google if there is no alt tag. Alt tags are great places for key words. If a name is not given to an image it will go to a default like the number your camera gives a image: PTX34983724095.
    • Title tags can also be added to images. A human visitor to the site would not read these tags but Google will see the key words.
    • Remember don’t over stuff tags with key words. A keyword phrase for an image does not have to be long and complex. Long key word phrases make your site hard to read. There is also mounting evidence that the Google algorithm ignores long and repeated key word content.
    • Bad example: Thank you for visiting our Los Angles Joe’s Flow plumbing page where we offer plumbing in the Los Angeles area if you have plumbing issues in Los Angles then you should call our plumbing service in Los Angles because we are your plumbing experts in Los Angles.
    • Contextual significance is the key. The new Google caffeine algorithm will not register your site on the first page of Google search if the content is not relevant.
  1. Header tags (H1tags): are the secondary levels of titles.  A site has its main title in header tags- “plumbing services offered”. Then the site is going to talk about specific plumbing services. Google sees this header tag and knows that this section is about secondary plumbing services. This would be a header tag.
  • From there the site might break the content into different pieces: auto flush, manual flush, never flush… Those are H2, H3, H4, H5 tags.

<title>Title of the document</title>

The content of the document……


  • Google gives a lot of credibility to the content found in these tags. The tags go all the way down to H5.
  • These tags are all about site layout, content organization, and keywords.  Remember a website should never look like a term paper. Using different kinds of header tags is a great way to improve a homepage. Additionally, Google gives more credibility to lists because they are something that people might actually read.
  • Ordered tag example:

<li>Auto Flush</li>
<li>Manual Flush</li>
<li>No Flush </li>


  • Unordered tag example:

<li>Auto Flush</li>
<li>Manual Flush</li>
<li>No Flush</li>

3. Links: You need to have inbound links, outbound links, and internal links.

  • Inbound Links: come from other sites to your site.
  • Outbound links: are links that go from your site to other sites.
  • Internal links: are links that connect to different parts of your site.
  • The Google algorithm places a lot of value on links. How complete is your website without interaction and input from other sites? Links are the way a site contributes to the internet.  Don’t forget link titles.

I will have more on links in a later blog post.


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