SM Client’s always ask: What’s the next big thing?

I have been in social media for seven years and have been asked six million times: What’s the next big thing?

Here is my snarky answer: Give the people what they want, and they will give you what you want.When I worked for Creative marketing my typical day started with normal social media activities: reading social pubs, blogging, tweeting…The rest of my day was spent working with a variety of clients. Some of these clients were International Fortune Global 500 customers. Some of the clients were much smaller start-ups that wanted to get a foot in the social media door.
Throughout my six year social media marketing career both client types never failed to ask, “What’s the next big thing”?I have been trying to explain to people that the next big thing is not a big thing. I realize that the answer sounds relatively snarky. However, I think it is the correct answer.  I told clients to stop looking for the next Twitter or Facebook.
I really want to shake people of the idea that we always have to be on the lookout for the next big thing coming over the horizon.In fact the next big thing might be lots and lots of small social things with great content.

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