Social Media, Phones Ally.

In our last blog post we looked at an article from the WSJ that explained how Social Media is driving billion dollar venture capital funds. A few days later the WSJ printed another article:  social media, phones ally.

The HTC Salsa

The article explained the growing connection between social media and mobile phones.  Social media companies like Foursquare, Facebook, and Twitter had large cotangents at this year’s big wireless conference in Barcelona. Twitter Inc. Chief Executive Dick Costolo actually delivered the key note address.

However, this year’s real star was Facebook Inc. and the two new HTC phones that were introduced. The HTC phones, the Cha Cha and the Salsa both come with prominent Facbook buttons that bring the social media site to the center of the device. The new feature was described as a natural evolution because people see Facebook as a communication platform and not just a social network.

The new relationship between mobile phone makers and social media reflects the way people are communicating. In his address Mr. Costolo said that 40% of all tweets are sent on mobile devices. This is a major shift in the way people viewed social media a few years ago. People said that social media was just kitsch. They said it would be a short lived trend. It appears that the critics were wrong.


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