Here are some ways check-in apps can help your marketing


Here are some ways check-in apps can help your marketing.

Here are some ways check-in apps can help your marketing:
1) They can drive branding. We all need ways to sand out within our market space. If you have interesting services and products, people will naturally want to follow you and learn more. You will have succeeded in gaining their attention and notice. Sometimes getting noticed in the online environment can be the hardest part. Once a business has the attention of potential customers a rapport can be developed and used for business transactions that can benefit everyone involved.
2) They can drive relationship building. The apps let you in on the daily routine of a person’s life and this can help you get to know them better and seek common ground. For instance if you see that friends are flocking to a restaurant or store you are more likely to check-in as well. Foursquare is really good and cost effective way to drive buzz for new services and products.
3) People are attracted to movement and action. If they see you moving about the world, taking part in different events, different activities, you are automatically seen as a “mover and shaker” – this can position you for opportunities and contacts.
4) You can build greater influence. You  can use your check-in status to make recommendations and suggestions for those on your friends list. These can help you be seen as conscientious and helpful.
5) Finally, they are fun. I love to see what other people are doing and to make note of the places I’d like to try too. Again, the first part of all marketing is to get attention- and the check-in apps can help you do this well.
So if you have been reluctant to start checking-in you might  want to reconsider. And yes, I’d love to be Foursquare friends.


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